Children's Literature Course Syllabi

Children's Literature Courses as
Undergraduate General Education Requirements

One option to retain children’s literature as a separate course for teacher education programs and preservice teacher preparation at the undergraduate level is to offer it to all university/college students as a course that meets general education requirements. These courses are also often required pre-education courses for education majors. If a program wants to offer a stand-alone children’s literature course for their undergraduate education majors, situating the course as a general education requirement may be one solution if the course can no longer be offered within teacher education due to budget or credit hour limits.

  • Undergraduate course in international children’s literature is a required course for all undergraduate Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education majors as well as a popular elective course for many other majors to meet the “international requirement” in the general education program. It is also an elective honors course for the Honors College.
  • Undergraduate course in children’s literature that satisfies a general education requirement in Art and Humanities as well as Literature. Can be taken by any student as a general education course and as a pre-education course for education majors.
    • Syllabus submitted by Lisa Patrick, Ohio State University.
  • Undergraduate course for non-education minors with a focus on learning about adolescence through adolescent literature

Children's Literature Content as
Integrated into Teacher Education Methods Courses

Integration into Literacy or Reading Methods Courses

  • Syllabus submitted by Deborah Wooten, University of Tennessee
  • Syllabus submitted by Seemi Aziz, Oklahoma State University
  • Undergraduate and Graduate Syllabi, submitted by Sandra Wilde, Hunter College
  • Syllabus with a focus on special education, submitted by Wendy Kasten, Kent State University

Integration as a Content Area Course

  • Prerequired preservice course for elementary education majors that focuses on children’s literature as integrated into social studies and language arts. Includes collaborations with the two methods courses but is offered as a separate course.

Children's Literature Courses as
A Stand-Alone Course in Education, Library Science, or English

Undergraduate Courses

  • Children’s literature course for elementary education majors, taught in a College of Education
    • Syllabus submitted by Seemi Aziz, Oklahoma State University
    • Syllabus submitted by Diane Sekeres, University of Alabama
    • Syllabus submitted by Ruth Lowery, University of Florida
    • Syllabus submitted by Susan Corapi, University of Arizona
    • Syllabus submitted by Thomas Crisp, University of San Francisco
  • Children's literature course for elementary education majors, taught in the English Department
    • Syllabus submitted by Peggy Rice, Ball State University

Graduate Courses

  • Children’s literature course in the M.Ed. in Language and Literacy degree program in the College of Education. Because Library Science and English Departments also teach courses in children’s and young adult literature, this course focuses on how children’s and young adult literature can be used in the reading program.
    • Submitted by Pam Jewett, University of South Carolina.
  • Children’s literature courses taught in graduate program in library science.
  • Children’s literature course for certification of Birth-Gr. 6 literacy specialists, taught in the School of Education as a required course.
  • Graduate course in children’s literature in College of Education

Specialized Graduate Courses

  • Children’s literature courses around a specific focus within children’s literature
    • Picture Books.
      • Syllabi submitted by Jennifer Graff, University of Georgia and Kathy G. Short, University of Arizona.
    • Immigrant children’s literature.
    • Informational or nonfiction children’s literature.
    • Poetry children’s literature course
      • Syllabus submitted by JoBeth Allen, University of Georgia.
    • Culturally diverse children’s literature.
      • Syllabus submitted by Joel Taxel, University of Georgia.
      • On-line and On-Campus Syllabi submitted by Wendy Kasten, Kent State University.
    • Global Children’s Literature
    • Culturally Diverse Children's Literature

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