The CLA Endowment Fund

The Children's Literature Assembly Board is pleased to announce the establishment of the CLA Endowment Fund, an important initiative that will support new lines of research on children's literature and projects related to the dissemination of CLA's Notable Books for the Language Arts in the future. This project began as the CLA board identified the need for funds to support research in the field of children's literature and to ensure the influence of quality books for children in every classroom.

Planning began with a meeting with a Certified Financial Planner who offered suggestions about how to set up the fund and several examples of a policy document to guide the activities of the fund. Drafts of the CLA Foundation policy document were shared with the CLA Board and Millie Davis, who provided input from the perspective of the NCTE legal staff.

After several years of planning, the CLA board passed a motion to create the CLA Endowment Fund in 2004 and made the first donation. Interest from this endowment fund, once it reaches $50,000, will be used exclusively for the following purposes:

  • to support original research contributing to the field of children's literature, and
  • to support the dissemination of CLA's yearly selections of Notable Books for the Language Arts.

A committee has been appointed by the CLA Board to promote the fund, receive contributions, invest income, administer the fund, and disburse the income when it reaches the appropriate level. Committee members are: Rudine Sims Bishop (Professor Emeritus, The Ohio State University), Shirley Ernst (Professor, Eastern Connecticut State University), Marjorie Hancock (Professor, Kansas State University), Patricia Scharer (Professor, The Ohio State University), and Lillian Webb (Consultant, Worthington Schools).

The Endowment Fund Committee is currently designing a fund-raising initiative with the initial goal of $50,000. Early contributions have included memorials, a matching gift drive, and a donation from a university. The committee distributed a bookmark at NCTE last fall to remind donors of ways they can contribute to this fund. A brochure and mailing campaign are currently being developed by the committee.

You do not have to be a member of CLA to participate in this project. We invite anyone to:

  • Honor a friend of children's literature with a donation.
  • Donate in memory of a colleague, friend, or relative.
  • Contribute as a birthday gift to your favorite children's literature enthusiast.
  • Add the CLA Endowment Fund to your list annual tax-deductible gifts.
  • Leave a legacy to children's literature when preparing your personal financial affairs.
  • Offer matching funds to encourage donations by your book club or readers' group.
  • Read a book instead of renting a video and donate the rental charge.
  • Send fund-raising ideas to the chair of the Endowment Fund Committee (

Please send donations to:

James W. Stiles, Interim Treasurer
1128 Taylor Avenue
Dunedin, FL 34698

Donations are tax-deductible and will be recognized with letters of receipt by the Endowment Fund Treasurer. For further information, contact the chair of the Endowment Committee, Miriam Martinez at